Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Start !

Though I've always been a fan of blogs, I've never had one myself apart from a quizzing one which I haven't updated since my first post. So I thought it would worth creating a blog that would help me express my views and opinions and so was born : The Holy Crow !

There have been a lot of celebrations lately in the Indian metal community. After the disaster that was Rock 'n India '10, came the good news that Lamb of God will be headlining a new festival called as 'Summer Storm' in mid-May.

But I'm more interested in knowing whether the rumours of Judas Priest playing over here in the same month are true or not. Lamb of God are a very good band, probably one of the best recent metal bands, but they are no match to the Metal Gods.

I'm also one of those (supposedly) rare breeds who thinks Lamb of God is overrated. Like I said earlier, they are very good but overrated by most metal fans especially in India. Anyway, if Priest do come here, I will definitely give the LoG concert a miss. Else, I might have to be satisfied watching LoG LIVE for the time being.

The most happening thing in town at this time of the year is T20 cricket. Though T20 will never be a barrier for greatness in the sport, it usually guarantees good entertainment. Must say, I've been mighty pleased with the way RCB have played this season. Quite a turnaround in our fortunes after the misery that was IPL I and the pathetic start under the million dollar Kevin Pieterson in last season's edition.

Now coming to the selection of the Indian team for the World T20 to be held in the West Indies soon after the IPL. We will be sending a team without our best batsman and and our best bowler on current form. Sachin Tendulkar and Anil Kumble if you didn't figure that out.

Out of the players selected, it's shocking to see Rohit Sharma in the squad ahead of Virat Kohli. Sharma has done absolutely nothing for the Indian team in the last year or so. On the other hand, Kohli has been in terrific form with the Indian limited overs team in the recent months. Surely the Delhi lad deserved the chance.

Sending four batsmen in Raina, Sharma, Pathan and Jadeja who are very vulnerable to short pitch bowling is a big risk. It cost us the last World T20. Some lessons are never learnt in our country.

Lastly, but most importantly, it's a massive day in League One today and especially for a Leeds' fan like me. First vs Second, Norwich vs Leeds at Carrow Road. For the first time this season, I'm really nervous about our promotion hopes after the Millwall game on Monday. We have fallen off the pace in a big way after the historical cup win at Old Trafford. We held a healthy 7 points lead then with a couple of games in hand and now we find ourselves 8 points adrift of table toppers Norwich.

Personally, I'd take first or second. It's automatic promotion that counts. Don't want to get into the messy situation that is the playoffs again. With Millwall, Colchester, Charlton and Swindon breathing down our necks, we need to win today.

Keep up the faith, lads.

Marchin' on Together
We're gonna see you win
(na, na, na, na, na, na)
We are so proud
We shouted out loud
We love you Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!

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  1. A few of my friends would skin me alive for this, LoG are overrated. I guess we do belong to the rare breed.

    Some lessons never are learnt, Nitin. They never are.