Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Curse of Religion

The birth of man in the utmost right was destined
Religion was born and then there were many
As man evolved there were many such curses
Without a though for any soul's penny.

The numerous digs at mankind it does take
It aims to send people in a craze and divide them,
One by one, each man’s turn such come,
As the Gods, themselves sit on the stars and condemn.
Wars, crusades, jihads all included in a bottle
All men try to open it and increase the fizz
But half of them, half as unsuccessful as the rest
All in this crazy world of fashion and showbiz.
Is this the path that we shall follow?
Is this the hatred that we shall lead our children into?
Why is the world that welcomed us so divided and unworthy?
Unfortunately, the population never knew.
Civilization is long lost and supposedly we differ
Man to man, woman to woman, we are not the same
We shall follow in the path of our faiths
Without a thought or care in a kindle of flame.
The believers are all to be one and united
But they choose their own path and throw disgust at others
The fame, pain and the glamour not withstanding
Aren’t we all sisters and brothers?
The day shall come, where we all are stitched as one
And we live as joyful as a tiny pigeon
Then the Gods shall not look throw the clouds and cry for us
Until then, we need to live with ‘The curse of Religion’

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